100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (2024)

See all Springfield has to offer

If you haven't been to Springfield, Missouri yet, or you're a local looking for something new to do, you're in for a treat. Springfield is home to hundreds of local attractions, 600 restaurants, and many shopping opportunities. If you're looking for a new adventure this weekend, here are over 100 things you can do in the Springfield area.

Attractions/Things To Do

100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (1)

Dickerson Park Zoo

1. Go to

2. Shop for goodies atBass Pro Shops

3. Visit the several free museums inside Bass Pro Shops.

4. Feed the giraffes atDickerson Park Zoo

5. Learn about Springfield's history at theHistory Museum on the Square

6. Walk theSculpture Walkin downtown Springfield

7. Gomural huntingaround the city

8. Go bowling atAndy B's

9. Look at beautiful flowers at theSpringfield Botanical Garden

10. Head to one offive farmers' markets in the city

11. See wild animals up close atWild Animal Safari

12. Play vintage arcade games at1984

13. See classic cars at theRoute 66 Car Museum

14. Throw axes atTommyhawks Axe House

15. Go indoor rock climbing atZenith Climbing Center

16. Take a scenic hike with37 North Expeditions

17. Make a DIY project atAR Workshop

18. Create a beautiful glass souvenir atCreative Escape Class

19. Hike or bike the Dirt 66 Trail at Fellows Lake

20. Play some yard games inside Classic's Yard

21. Swing some clubs atBigShots Golf

22. Ride through the cave atFantastic Caverns

23. Play mini golf atFun Acre Mini Golf

24. See big cats at theTiger Sanctuary

25. Bike and hike theOzark Greenways

26. Kayak at LakeSpringfield Boat House

27. AttendFirst Friday Artwalkin downtown Springfield

28. Take a tour ofPythian Castle

29. View amazing artwork at theSpringfield Art Museum

30. Listen to the SpringfieldSymphony Orchestra

31. Hear world-renowned opera singers at theSpringfield Regional Opera

32. See theSpringfield Balletperform

33. Head to the Landers Theatre to see a play by theSpringfield Little Theatre

34. Walk throughWilson's Creek National Battlefield

35. Make a bouquet atSerendipity

36. Check out theMissouri Sports Hall Of Fame

37. See theAir & Military Museum of the Ozarks

38. Watch a movie at theMoxie Cinema

39. Tour one of four college campuses

40. Go ice skating atJordan Valley Ice Park

41. See a college basketball game

42. Attend a Missouri State University Tailgate

43. Walk theAfrican-American Heritage Trail

44. Walk original parts of theTrail of Tears

45. See a comedy show at Blue Room Comedy Club

46. See a hockey game at Missouri State University.

47. Play inside a miniature city with the kiddos atItty Bitty Cityand Where The Wild Things Play

48. Discover the history of dinosaurs with Jurassic Discoveryat theDiscovery Center

49. Attend aSpringfield Cardinals Baseball Game

50. See farm animals atRutledge-Wilson Farm Park

51. Check out the location of the first Wild West shootout

52. Tour the exhibits at theMissouri Institute of Natural Science

53. Visit theDoling Park Museum

54. Head to the shooting range atCherokee Firearms


100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (2)

Farmers Market of the Ozarks

55. Shop for local produce at one of many farmers' markets

56. Look at the shops atBattlefield Mall

57. Window shop alongHistoric Commercial Street

58. ExploreRelics Antique Mall

59. Wander throughThe Vintage Peddler Antique Store

60. Find goodies insideFreakin' Antiquin Vintage Market

61. See tons of unique boutiques atBrentwood Shopping Center

62. Get a local souvenir at5 Pound Apparel

63. Make your own zero-waste soap atSOAP Refill Station

64. Shop your way throughdowntown Springfield

65. Find a one-of-a-kind treasure atMike’s Unique Collectable and Antique Flea Market


100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (3)

Brunch at Tea Bar & Bites

66. Take a tour ofAskinosie Chocolate

67. Take home a bundle of delicious local popcorn fromOzark Mountain Popcorn

68. Dine at one of the dozens ofoutdoor patiosin the area

69. Eat Original Springfield-Style Cashew Chicken atLeong's Asian Diner

70. Have a burger at theRoute 66 Steak N' Shake

71: Dine in an underwater themed restaurant at Hemingway's Blue Water Cafe

72. Relive the Route 66 glory atRed's Giant Hamburg

73. Catch a "throwed" roll atLambert's Cafe

74. Get a huge bowl of chili fromCasper's Diner

75. Get a cup ofPineapple Whip

76. Try a boozy milkshake fromBlack Sheep Burgers

77. Eat at one of 10 restaurants at14 Mill Market

78. Have an extreme donut atHurt's Donuts

79. Eat pizza atMillsap Farm's Pizza Clubon Thursdays in the summer

80. Have a macaron atEuropean Cafe

81. Drink tea atChabom Tea + Spices

82. Get ice cream fromAndy's Frozen Custard

83. Get black ice cream fromSweet Emotion


100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (4)

Drinks at Mother's Brewing Company

84. Complete theand win your free t-shirt

85. Wine and dine on the deck ofVantage Rooftop Lounge & Conservatory

86. Visit one of sixwineriesin the area

87. Drink and ride on theTrolley Bike downtown

88. Brew your own beer atShow-Me-Brewing

89. Sit down and drink at the ice bar atFire & Ice

90. Visit the speakeasy bar at The Garrison

91.Tour Springfield's coffee shop scene with the Ozarks Coffee Trail

Slightly Outside of Springfield

100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (5)

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park

92. Visit theLaura Ingalls Wilder Museumin Mansfield

93. Hike throughDogwood Canyonin Lampe

94. See hundreds of live theatre shows inBranson

95. Grab some chocolate and goodies atGrandpa Joe's Chocolates and Rosewood Farmsin Ozark

96. Take a tour ofSmallin' Civil War Cavein Ozark

97. Visit theShipwrecked Treasure Museumin Branson

98. See theTitanic Museumin Branson

99. Make a day ofSilver Dollar Cityin Branson

100. Boat aroundTable Rock Lakein Branson

101. Go hiking atBusiek State Parkin Highlandville

102. See theButterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventurein Branson

103. ExploreTalking Rocks Cavernin Branson West

104. See peaco*cks atDunnegan Memorial Parkin Bolivar

105. Check out theDunnegan Gallery of Artin Bolivar

106. VisitOzark Mill & Finley Farms in Ozark

107. Visit theHeirloom Seed Companynear Mansfield

108. Go trout fishing at Rockbridge Rainbow Trout & Game Ranchin Rockbridge

109. Tour the Chateau Charmant Castle in Fordland, Missouri

100+ Things To Do In Springfield | Springfield, Missouri (2024)


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