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1. Maddie

Buck was having a video chat with his sister. It was part of the promise he made to her when he moved to Gotham, twice monthly video chats. He had been gone from LA about six months now. The first few chats had been tense and very short. But eventually Maddie saw that he was doing really well in Gotham of all places.

“So did I tell you what Aunt Selina sent for the baby?”

“No?” Buck had always thought his aunt was a little odd but now living in the same city he knew that was an understatement. His aunt and her friends were very odd. Still the pet hyenas were very neat he had to admit.

“It is a mobile for above the crib made of precious stones and gems.”

“Fakes, right?"

“Nope! She sent a baby gift that is worth several thousand dollars. And I only know that because it also came with lifetime insurance or something. So I don’t need to ask if she is still as odd as ever. But the seeds her friend, Pamela sent have started to grow some very pretty flowers.” Maddie sent the pics to him.

They were unique variations of a California Poppy that Poison Ivy had created at Selina's request, they were not normally purple, pink and blue.

“Those are really pretty.”

Just then the front door opened to Buck’s apartment.

“Hey Babe, the meeting got over earlier than expected so I am here to take you to dinner before your shift.”

Jason came into the kitchen only to stop short seeing that Buck was looking a little panicked. He quickly spotted the tablet with Maddie on it.

“sh*t, today was the scheduled call with your sister.” He gave Buck an apologetic look.

“Uh...Evan want to explain?” Maddie was staring at the very large muscular man behind her brother now.

“Alright, so the timing is slightly off but I swear I was going to say something in this call!” Buck took a deep breath but reached backwards grabbing Jason’s hand and pulling him closer. “Maddie, I’d like you to meet my boyfriend, Jason.”

Maddie blinked in surprise. She had teased him about having a crush on Eddie before but she didn’t actually think he was anything but straight. Nor would she have predicted his type would be a guy who looks like he’d fit in fine at a bike bar. And made her brother look almost small in comparison.

“Nice to meet you, Jason..”

“Nice to meet you too ma’am.” That got Jason an odd look from his boyfriend.

“Please, just call me Maddie. How long have two of you been dating?”

“We are a bit over two months now.” Buck really tried to forget that the first time he met Jason’s family had been a little bit of a disaster. He was drugged on the way over because Gotham is just weird and actually didn't really remember that night.

“Oh.” Maddie blinked trying to hide her surprise again. “That’s great. I look forward to getting to know you, Jason since my brother hasn’t shared anything about you so far.”

“Yes, I did! In fact I already got advice from you about Jason. I asked about movie recommendations for someone who loves Jane Austen books.”

“Oh, she’s who you asked?” Jason grinned at Maddie. “Thanks for giving him such great recommendations. My siblings all give terrible movie suggestions. I actually enjoyed the ones you told him about.”

“Well then I’m glad you liked them. No one around here likes most of my movie suggestions.” Then Maddie got a look of mischief. “Would you like to see a picture of your boyfriend with bleached blonde hair and a pooka shell necklace? Or his teenage emo days?”

“I must see these immediately.”


“Please, as if my siblings haven’t been offering you up embarrassing photos once they stole your phone number.”

“That’s different.”

“Because it wasn’t you?”

“Exactly! And I’m not giving her your number.”

“I’ll just steal it from your phone later. You have to sleep eventually.”

Maddie’s laughter interrupted them.

“How many siblings do you have Jason?”

“Legally or Emotionally? Because I’m not sure on either number.”

Buck was counting on his fingers of how many he’d met. “Dick, Tim, Cass, Duke and Damian for sure. What do Stephanie and Barbara count as?”

“They count as family but not siblings. There are a bunch more that fall in the category.”

Maddie was trying to remember why those names sounded familiar. Then she gasped. The new dispatcher was big fan of gossip columns. She’d been talking about the latest charity gala for the department that had a few of the Wayne family in attendance, Dick Grayson and Kate Kane. The man had talked about his siblings including a brother named Jason.

“Evan, have you only been in Gotham less than a year but managed to start dating a Wayne? Are you his boytoy?”

“Can I be considered a boytoy if I’m the older one? I’ll have to Google that later.”

Both Maddie and Jason were giving Buck amused looks.

2. Gotham Firehouse 52

“Buckley, there will be a scouting troop coming in this afternoon. So you are man behind with Cortez.”

“I love kids! What’s the head count going to be?”

“It’s six kids and two adults.”

Buck grinned going immediately to make sure there were enough kid packets ready. It was a canvas bag with a Gotham FD logo, a safety tips coloring book, a pack of sixteen crayons, some firefighter stickers, a reflective sticker for a bike helmet and a matching one for a bike, a magnet with Gotham emergency numbers, another magnet with instructions on how to put out the most common kitchen fires, a smoke alarm and a small stuffed dalmatian with a firefighter helmet. The bags were paid for with a grant from the Wayne Foundation.

A few hours later the kids excitedly followed two adults into the station spotting Cortez and Buck.


And before Buck had time to process he had his arms full of one very excited six year old.

“Lian Harper do not run off like that!”

“You have a niece Buckley? I didn’t know you had any siblings," asked Cortez because his new coworker had been pretty private so far. Six months in Gotham and they barely knew anything about Buckley. There were all kinds of bets placed about him including that he was dating Harley Quinn.

“I do. One sister. But she isn’t the mom of this kid.” Buck tossed Lian in the air before setting in her on the ground. “This one is my boyfriend’s best friend’s kid.”

“Boyfriend? You’re gay?”

Lian stared at the man. “You better not be mean about it. I bite people who are hom*o...hom*o...” She looked at Buck in frustration.


“Yeah. What he said.” She stared at him as if she was already imagine the yell he’d make after she bit him.

“I’m not hom*ophobic! I was just surprised. Call off the attack dog, Buckley!”

“Grr” Lian growled showing her teeth like Damian told her dogs do if they are really angry. He always had the best animal facts.

The tired looking parent who had yelled earlier finally caught up to the little girl.

“Sorry, ma’am, I know her father. I don’t think he realized what station I worked at or I’m sure he would have given you warning she might do this.” Buck gave a smile to the woman before looking at Lian. “And I’m sure Lian is going to behave and follow the rules now.”

“Of course, Uncle Firedude.” She tried to give an innocent look but nobody really bought it.

“Go join your troop. Can’t abandon them in unknown territory.” Buck told her very seriously.

Lian rolled her eyes but went back over with the chaperon.

“I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want me to, Buckley. I’m not that big a jerk.”

“Huh? Oh I don’t care. The most important people already know that I’m not straight. So go ahead and cash in on that bet if you won. I know there at least a bet on if I was single.”

"Thanks. Yeah, I guessed you weren't single." Cortez rubbed the back of his head awkwardly.

Buck just grabbed his helmet and motioned to where the troop was with a smile. “Shall we show them why Gotham FD is the superior fire department?”

Later he would also be amused when his Captain mentioned being threatened with being bitten by a little girl if he treated any of his firefighters badly.

3. Talia

Jason heard a sound from the kitchen but Buck was still sleeping next to him. Jason grabbed his dagger from the bedside holder Buck had gotten him after things had been revealed. It was hidden to look like a copy of an old leatherbound book. He could have grabbed his gun but it would be easier to deal with a problem and not wake Buck if he used a blade instead.

There in his kitchen at three in the morning was Talia al Ghul having made herself a cup of tea.

“I didn’t know you were interested in men.”

“Because it was never any of your business. I can appreciate beauty of anyone.”

Talia didn’t say anything and just continued to drink her tea.

“Why are you here Talia? Does your son know you are in Gotham?”

“No. I have no plans to see Damian. He is still a little angry with me.”

“Huh, imagine that. You created a clone that tried to kill him. I am very shocked that he is angry over that. Very shocked.” Jason dramatically places his hand on his chest faking shock.

“I can remove your tongue from your mouth if you do not watch it.”

“You are the one that came to me in the middle of the night. I would like to get back to sleep as soon as I can. So what do you want Talia?”

“I am just checking on my protege. I did not expect to find a man in your bed.”

“I am calling bullsh*t on that. You heard rumors that I was getting serious with someone and you got curious.” Jason poured himself a glass of water. “He isn’t competition to the League. He prefers saving lives, not taking them. He left the SEALs because he couldn't handle that sh*t for long. I am not going to team-up with him to try to challenge anyone to run the League.”

“So it’s serious with him?”


“And for me too.” Buck stood in the doorway wearing just a pair of black boxers. “As much as I’m sure there are layers I don’t understand happening I would like my boyfriend to come back to bed. I have to be on a plane in a few hours to LA. I need my sleep and I rest better when Jason is in bed with me. So can this please wait?”

“Hm. Well I just wanted to check on Jason. I helped train him. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t being take an advantage of.” Talia didn’t want to admit she gave the man a tiny bit of credit because he did have a spine at least. Unlike some of the women her own beloved had dated.

“That’s great. Next time maybe check on him when the sun is up?”

“Does your family know of your new paramour?”

“Yes. They met him a few months ago. Damian likes him.”

“Well he has gotten soft living with his father.”

“Talia, just go away.”

“I will after you properly introduce me to your paramour.” She set her empty cup down on the counter looking at Jason again.

“Talia al Ghul, meet Firefighter Evan Buckley. And my relationship is not your concern.” Jason walked over to the front door and opened it. “Get out of town before I let Bruce know where you are.”

“You were one of the best killers I trained, Jason. It is sad to see you fall into a life of domesticity.” Talia set her cup in the sink before giving Buck a once over curious to see how he'd react to that information. It appeared he already knew or had a fantastic poker face because there was no outward reaction to learning his lover was a trained killer. Still she didn't see it working out. “I do hope you rethink this.”

“Not f*cking likely. Good-bye, Talia.”

She then went out the window much to Jason’s annoyance. He shut and locked the front door again followed up by locking the window again too.

“Sorry about that,” Jason rubbed the back of his head. “She kinda help train me when I was doing my extreme rebellion stuff. She also happens to be an ex of Bruce’s and Damian’s mother.”

“It is a good thing I already knew you were Red Hood. But I’m tired. So I am going to pretend that I don’t have questions over the fact that Damian’s biological mother is an assassin. But just know someday I will have questions.”

“Thank you, Babe.”

4. TK Strand

Gotham was trying to build a better reputation these days. In fact over the last few months there had been an influx of grants being given to help the fire department become one of the most advanced in the country. This meant they started participating in mutual aide. When there were terrible fires in Texas they were sent out for one of the first real big test runs.

Buck was only briefly able to wave to his friends from the 118 before everyone got sent in different directions. Buck was sent to to work on making a fire break with some guys from Austin. It wasn’t the most exciting job but it was important. Now they were all on a meal break sitting around chatting.

“So have you ever had to deal with a fire set from a supervillain like Heatwave in Gotham? Have you met Batman?” asked Mateo.

“Never met Batman. I did meet Nightwing and Robin once at a scene where the fire had been started by Firefly. But from what I know Heatwave mostly keeps to Keystone and Central City. I don’t think there are any other fire based villains in Gotham.”

“The dude was really named Firefly and he started fires?” asked TK baffled. He was also relieved that Carlos never had to deal with the criminals like the ones in Gotham.

“Gotham is weird. But I actually have grown to enjoy it. It has some really great people.” Buck had a sappy grin on his face.

“Oh I know that look. Was your girlfriend okay with you leaving Gotham to fight a fire in Texas?” asked one of the Oregon firefighters who had worked the line earlier with them.

“Uh. Don’t have a girlfriend.” Buck was out at the station and with the important people in his life but he was a little leery of strangers in the middle of a natural disaster zone.



“Really? You’re single? But that was big heart eyes you had going on. You had to have been thinking of someone special.”

“Yeah, really no wife or girlfriend.” Buck sighed. “But I wouldn’t call me single either. I have a boyfriend.”

“Sweet, another gay firefighter. My boyfriend, he’s a cop in Austin, was a little nervous that he’ll be back there while I’m here. Service has been spotty but we’ve been trying to stay in touch to reassure the other.” TK was already pulling out his phone to show a picture of Carlos in uniform.

“Bi actually.” He grinned but took his own phone out to show TK a picture of Jason asleep with with a book partly covering his face. But Jason was only wearing a pair of pajama pants, showing off his very muscular upper body.

“Mine is hotter but not badly done, Buckley.”

Just then there was a large commotion from the nearby communication tent.

“I REPEAT this is Firefighter Kinard with Firefighters Wilson and Strand. We are going to down. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!”

“DAD!” TK was one his feet even if there was nothing he could do but listen to his dad’s helicopter crash.

Before the helicopter could go down there was a loud woosh because Superboy had suddenly arrived. He caught the helicopter and quickly delivered it back to base camp. Tommy, Hen and Owen were staring in shock. Really everyone in camp was staring in shock and surprise.

At the same time there were several wooshes faster than they could see. Each woosh brought back the people the helicopter had been going to rescue in the first place including the injured camper. It was only after everyone was safe was anyone able to see it had been Kid Flash doing the saving on the ground.

Eddie debated for a half a second just to make sure someone else had the patient before running over to the pilot side of the helicopter opening the door and dragging Tommy out of it to make sure he was okay. Tommy just let his boyfriend hug him tightly because really he was still shock too. He was expecting at least serious injury if not his death when the helicopter stopped responding to him.

TK had made it to the passenger side to hug his father.

Hen had started to make it off the helicopter even though she didn’t have someone desperate hug her. Or so she thought before pulled into a hug by Buck.

“Thank you, Superboy. And thank you, Kid Flash.” Owen said once he had extracted himself from TK’s hug.

“Of course, Citizen.” Kid Flash said giving finger guns to Owen.

“I was on my way to check on Firefighter Buckley so it wasn’t a problem.” Superboy seemed to realize he probably shouldn’t have said that almost immediately.

“You know Superboy?” Hen asked looking at Buck.

“No.” Buck gave a heavy sigh. “But my boyfriend’s family might have few connections.”

“Yes, that was exactly it. The Waynes just wanted to make sure you had been sleeping and eating enough. Damian was concerned you might leave your cat an orphan.” Superboy paused as if listening to something. “Uh, there is a bad Earthquake in….Canada that Kid Flash and I must attend to.”

Superboy grabbed Kid Flash who just waved as they flew off.

Buck resisted the urge to facepalm. That was just going to cause more questions.

“Wayne? Damian? As in Damian Wayne? The son of the billionaire Bruce Wayne?” asked TK in surprise looking at Buck.

“Yeah, my boyfriend has a big family.”

“Boyfriend?” Hen asked not too surprised. She had once wondered if Eddie hadn’t still been married if they would have gotten together but then the bombing and aftermath killed that possibility completely.

“Yeah, I’m in a serious relationship with Jason Todd-Wayne.” Buck didn’t want to lie to his friends even with the obvious curious onlookers. “It is going to be announced at the gala next month.”

“So serious serious then? That’s great, Buck.” Hen gave him another hug.

“Thanks. It is going to take a while to get used to all that goes with dating him.”

“Well I for one am very grateful those connection saved our neck today. Nice to finally meet you in person, Buck.” Tommy reached out shaking Buck’s hand with a smile.

“Well thanks for keeping an eye on the Diaz boys for me since I’m on the opposite coast now. Eddie needs someone to keep out of trouble, more so than Chris does.”

Before anything else could be said the sky opened up with a downpour to relief of everyone. It also delayed any further questions about Buck’s love life. And also about Superboy and Kid Flash.

5. The General Public

A week after they’d gotten back from Texas the station got an all call to Gotham Academy. It was on fire after several explosions were reported. There were already calls about injuries of staff and students. Buck was tense on the ride over because he knew that Jason’s younger siblings attended that school.

There hadn’t been time to check before trying to put out the fire started by a wannabe villain. Maybe a little more than a wannabe because the chemicals they came up with were highly flammable and unstable. Buck had been knocked out briefly when some ceiling pieces had fallen down on him while he’d been working on getting a teacher out from where a bookcase had them pinned.

The teacher had been able to reach Buck’s radio to get additional help. Buck regained consciousnesses pretty quickly but they still made him leave the building on a gurney. There was also a burn to the back of neck to worry about besides the head injury.


“Damian, calm down. I’m sure he is going to be okay.”

“Thomas, unhand me. I am perfectly calm. I am merely concerned for Jason’s paramour.”

“What?” Commissioner Gordon looked between the two Wayne kids with confusion. “Is Jason dating a teacher at the school? Because all but one are fine. I can’t tell you much about her but the injuries aren’t serious.”

“T-t, I would never allow Jason to date someone with the potential to affect my educational experience.”

“Jason has been dating Firefighter Buckley for a few months now.” Duke explained still making sure Damian didn’t do go for any of his hidden weapons in frustration. “And we all actually like this one.”

Damian decided he was done waiting and jumped over the barrier and was by the ambulance that Buck was being checked out next too.

“Buckley! What are your injuries?”

“Damian, I’m fine.” Buck gave a smile before he winced. “Okay, so maybe not fine. But the injuries aren’t serious right, Carter?”

The woman in question shook off the shock of the youngest Wayne knowing her coworker.

“I’m not sure I would say they aren’t serious. You need a CAT scan. We know you lost consciousness but not exactly for how long. I would say you likely have a grade 2 or 3 concussion, Buckley.” Paramedic Carter patted his hand while taking his vitals again. She knew that wasn’t the answer he wanted. “There is also that burn on the back of your neck but I think you got away with 2nd degree only for that.”

“What hospital will you be taking him too? I need to let my brother know where his paramour will be so that he may meet you there.” Damian had his phone out texting Jason.

Carter had mouthed the word ‘paramour’ to Buck who shrugged before wincing. He had given up trying to just get Damian to call him Jason's boyfriend or partner.

“Damian, I’m fine. He doesn’t need to come to the hospital.”


“Hey, Duke.”

“Hello, Buck. I wanted to see what your job was like but this wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.” Duke really had been asking to go on a ride along but that wasn’t something the department did. Something about it being less safe for a civilian than a police ride along or something about him still being a minor.



Buck leaned around Damian and Duke to see running towards them was Dick in his GPD uniform followed closely by Jason.

“Jay? What are you doing here already?” Buck was having a hard time thinking clearly.

“I finally agreed to ride along with Dick to show me all GPD isn’t horrible. We were called here to work traffic but then I heard on the radio about your injury.”

It was close enough actually to the truth for once. Jason had actually met Dick for lunch to pass off some information related to a case when the call came in for the traffic duty near Gotham Academy due to fire and possible explosions. So Jason just tagged along to bug his brother while waiting for Buck to get off shift. He figured could embarrass his younger siblings when they got out of class.

Jason reached out squeezing Buck’s hand while try to not overreact. He knew his boyfriend was tough.

“Your paramour has obtained at a grade 2 or 3 concussion. He has also got a 2nd degree burn to the back of his neck. He will need to go to the hospital.” Damian’s slight frown was the only real outward expression of how worried he was. “I will have Thomas take me to Buckley’s apartment so that he does not have to worry about feeding Evee.”

“Thanks, Damian. That’s really sweet. You are the sweet kid I know besides Christopher. You two should meet.” Buck grinned at Jason. “We should arrange a playdate.”

“Sure, Babe.” Jason could see Buck was a bit altered. Comes with the severity of his head injury.

Damian glared at his brother. The last time someone arranged a playdate it ended with Jon Kent getting attached to him. Like fungus. He didn’t need anymore friends.

“You are the best.” Buck made an unsteady move to grab Jason. Luckily the other man caught him before he could fall of the gurney. “My hero.”

Carter cleared her throat. “Are you family?”

“He is my power of attorney if I’m…” Buck trailed off before leaning on Jason. “Love you.”

“I think what Buck was trying to say was that he made Jason his power of attorney two weeks ago.”

“My handsome knight in leather jacket.” Buck placed a sloppy kiss on Jason’s cheek.

Damian noticed that the crowd had cellphones out and pointed at them.

“Thomas, text Drake that the story on Buckley will not be waiting until the gala in a few weeks.”

“Why can’t you do it? Your phone is in your hand right now!”

“I am not speaking with Drake at the moment.”

“Oh…” Duke bite back a curse but pulled out his phone to text Tim. He was sure the man had several back up plans in case they were publicly outed before the gala. A quick glance at Twitter showed it was already starting to spread.

“Okay, Buckley and Buckley’s partner we are going now. I’m taking him to Gotham General if you three want to head there too.” Carter said as another paramedic helped lift the gurney into ambulance.

Jason’s current job was keeping Buck from trying to get off the gurney so he just gave a brief nod to his brothers.

“We’ll take care of a few things but I’ll be there before he is released I’m sure,” Dick closed the door to the ambulance with a grin. “See ya boys!”

Within the hour the story of Jason Todd-Wayne and Evan Buckley being romantically linked was all over the internet. In Gotham at least the majority of comments were positive. And Gothamites were smacking down anyone who tried to start negativity about it. They were protective of their own but especially the Waynes.

The cat escapes the bag multiple times - MistressTitania (2024)


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